Mount Center, Berlin. Get off that sofa with us and head over to this amazing urban park, where you can have tons of fun climbing through various recycled objects, playing beach volley and enjoying other outdoor sports.


You won't miss it - the 15-meter-high, interestingly intertwined steel and wood construction is located in the very heart of Berlin, just a short walk away from the Berlin Wall Memorial. The gigantic parkour course is decorated with repurposed barrels, tires, wood and ropes, cars (including the legendary East German Trabants), bikes and other recycled objects you can climb onto. Once up there, you will discover six different courses with different difficulty levels and altitudes.

Fear not, Mount Mitte has taken your safety very seriously. Harneses and helmet are provided on the spot, as well as an experienced guide, who will introduce you to your safety gear and explain how to climb as safely as possible. 

Once you're done climbing, you can go and play some beach volley with your friends, feeling like you're on a sunny, sandy beach, despite the fact you're actually surrounded by a concrete jungle. There is a convenient Hawaiian-themed Beach Bar, offering refreshing drinks and pretty tasty food. Even the bar is contributing to the environmental cause - it's full of amazing lamps, which were made from recycled plastic containers, driftwood and vintage lights!

Mount Center is also a great place to spend some quality, fun time with your children, but know that boys and girls less than 13 years old or less than 140cm tall can only climb when accompanied by an adult, who is participating actively in the climb. 

Sept. 11, 2015 Living photo: MountMitte - Der Hochseilgarten via Facebook

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