Blubel is a smart cycling navigator that will guide you around your city, using the cycling community knowledge. 

Cycling is healthy and beneficial all-round, and so much fun as well. Getting lost on a bike a little less so.

Blubel is a smart device housed in an elegant bicycle bell. Once mounted on your handle, it will transform into your very own local expert to guide you to your destination. It learns from your cycling experience and the cycling community's in order to help you find the correct, fastest and safest route. No matter where you are in the world. It uses intuitive LED gestures that call out turn by turn directions and indicate where to go and when to turn next.

It comes with a battery that will last for two whole weeks before it needs recharging. Its top part is made of smooth matte silicon, so even when the sun shines and anything metal nearly blinds you, you'll experience no such trouble with Blubel. Looking nice as it is, it also comes in various shades - the classic Charcoal, Indigo, Seafoam, Fern, Indigo, Fuchsia and Ruby. The brass bell can be ordered in silver-tone or gold-tone.

Creators explain how it works: "Every time a Blubel is rung, it indicates an alert point in the supporting app and cloud technology. These location points and other journey data are gathered and analysed to calculate safest routes and highlight any potential hazards on your selected route."

Oh, and, of course, you can ring it just like you would any traditional bell.

Blubel can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

Feb. 24, 2017 Living photo: Blubel Tech

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