The place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is called A/D/O and is "built for designers, open to all". 


A/D/O, as imagined by nARCHITECTSstretches over 23,000 square feet and represents a creative hub with work space (public as well as rentable), maker space, restaurant, and retail - all dedicated to "exploring the boundaries of design" and providing "a home for pioneering work and a forum for interdisciplinary debate." It occupies a former warehouse, now serving a brand new purpose.

Albeit being created as part of BMW/MINI's initiative that aims to closely connect with design innovation in a more general way, including innovations that concern lifestyle, work and mobility, there will be no MINI vehicles in the building. The project's goal is to find "new ways of collaboration and public engagement" with the Brooklyn community, offering space to designers, where they can explore, find new solutions and invent. A/D/O's core is the Design Academy, where visitors can join various programmes for professional designers.

The new space does not interfere with the aspects of the existing warehouse, according to nArchitects, however it is new and unique, perfect for boosting creators' imaginations. Open to anyone there is a large free space that includes an open seating area, the restaurant and bar and exhibition areas. Moreover, there is also The Shop at A/D/O, which offers iconic design and future classics and tools for creatives in the space. Members who come to work there, can use a dedicated studio, equipped with large-scale fabrication equipment (for prototyping, printing, etc), while a large open workspace with complimentary WIFI is also available. 

Dec. 12, 2016 Living photo: narchitects

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