Artist Bruce Munro covered the Australian desert with 50,000 solar powered lights, and it's breathtaking.


In 2016,  British artist Munro returned to the red desert in Australia for the installation of Field of Light at Uluru, Northern Territories. This solo exhibition and Munro's first in Australia will see a unique installation of 50,000 spheres of light, the largest and most remote iteration of this artwork to date.

Munro's first solar powered Field of Light represents a spiritual homecoming for the artist and the artwork which was originally conceived during a visit to Uluru in 1992 with his fiance and now wife, Serena. Each chapter of the project has been completely unique, shaped as much by the environment itself as the technicians who complete the installation process. Nine months of preparation, 60,000 lights shipped to the desert — including 10,000 backups in case of breakage — and a six-week-long mission with 40 people to install the project. 

The majestic piece is lit for several hours twice a day, once just before sunrise, and once after the sun sets. You still have plenty of time to visit it, till March 31, 2017

April 4, 2016 Living photo: Bruce Munro

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