You dream about taking a morning swim in your own swimming pool? Before you start building yourself a pool, you need to plan ahead and prepare yourself by answering these five very important questions.


1. What/who is the swimming pool for?

Do you intend to use it for fitness swimming, pool parties or purely leisure? Will you use it only yourself or is it meant for children, the elderly and perhaps your guests as well? The purpose of your pool will fundamentally affect its design, shape and depth. Landscaping, of course, also depends on how much space you have available.

2. What will it be made of?

Swimming pool construction technologies and building materials offer a wide variety of pool types, for example concrete, polyester, foil (like American foil pool), turnkey, and aesthetic sand pools. Are you going to build the pool yourself or will you call a contractor, a landscape architect or a luxury pool builder? A turnkey swimming pool requires the least of your efforts, all the other types, however, demand certain skills. And a permitting budget.

3. What kind of special features do I expect from my pool?

Underwater lights, underwater sound system, massage nozzles, incoming water streams, counter-stream swimming devices and whirlpool, ... You need to consider everything beforehand. You can discuss placing a solar shower, a ladder or other pool supplies and pieces of equipment afterwards.

4. How much will it cost me to maintain my pool?

Don't forget, no swimming pool is maintenance-free. You need to be prepared to invest in a lot more than just building it. Make sure your pool is energy-efficient, with sound hydraulics and substantial filtration. Filter systems will help you remove polluters, disinfecting your pool regularly will keep harmful microorganisms at bay and even your hygene alone will help minimize contamination of the water. Keep your calculations in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

5. Would I opt for smart technologies to make my life easier?

Imagine you wish to take a quick dip before going for a night out on the town. Make sure the pool is ready for you at all times. There are various remote spa controllers available, which will help you control your pool via smartphone, tablet or any smart device from anywhere you are. Set your ideal water temperature or ensure automatic sanitizing, setting proper amounts of chemicals in the water at all times. Remotely. Care-free.

June 18, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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