Breeding chicken in your backyard may be one of the best ideas on leading a more sustainable life you've had in a while. Sure, it's a bit of extra work, but in return you get healthy eggs for breakfast, without worrying what the hen that layed them was fed with.

You'll say, lovely, but I live in a city and I can't really see setting up a chicken coop in my urban environment - their place is somewhere out in the country where 'the green, green grass of home' sparkles in the sun and 'the hills are alive with the sound of music'. Maybe so, but once you see the solution Frederik Roijé, an international design agency, came up with, you're really going to start craving some eggs benedict. 

The multi-level coop (it also comes in a smaller, 3-level version) is built from wood and finished in black with durable coating. It measures 260 cm x 180 cm x 260 cm and looks like something you could easily host in your – a little larger than average - city garden. It's even so pretty, the neighbors wouldn't mind it.

The Roijé architectural hen house to breed and retreat is truly a piece of art, but there is one serious draw-back... It costs €7,980.00. For a chicken coop. But it's a deluxe one and we're almost sure even the eggs taste better because the hens feel so comfy inside.

Sept. 24, 2015 Living photo: Frederik Roijé

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