Turn your iPhone into a fully functional filmmaking camera for 200 USD.


Today's mobile phones have fantastic cameras, but the fact remains they were never meant to be used by filmmakers. And so Lumenati, a collective of filmmakers, artists, writers, musicians, and inventors, who also describe themseves as 'a modern take on Andy Warhol's Factory', created Lumenati CS1.

What does it do? It transforms your iPhone 6 or 6S into a proper, classic (HD) camera, complete with a proper viewfinder and a one-press recording button. All you need to do, is upload the Lumenati App on your iPhone and and pop it into the Lumenati CS1 (CS stands for Cinematic Smartcase, in case you wondered), the same way they would load 8mm film cartridges in the good old days. 

Lumenati CS1 is a bit reminiscent of the old 8mm camera. It's has well designed ergonomics, so it's easy to hold, it's light and makes for steady and beautiful video, especially when placed onto a tripod. It has a cold shoe, which allows filmmakers to attach lights, microphones and extra handles for sport shooting. According to the Luminati team, lenses can be swapped to shoot in wide angle, fisheye and telephoto. Exposure to light and focus are easily controlled by the app.

CS1s will be produced in three color variants: black, white and another yet-to-be-revelead-one, which will be put to vote and selected by backers on Kickstarter. With crowdfunding they were hoping to reach the 75,000 USD mark, but until today they managed to attract over 800 backers and over twice as much money. 

July 27, 2015 Living photo: Lumenati CS1

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