Planning a trip to Amsterdam? Than you should check it out this recently opened hotel in Amsterdam - CityHub.


CityHub focuses on Generation Y (currently 25-35 years old) that are all about digital lifestyle. Generation Y are connected 24/7 and are comfortable in a world filled with touch screens and quick service. Located in an old industrial warehouse, CityHub combines the privacy of a hotel, but the affordability of a hostel.

"At CityHub, we combined the two: more than enough ways to mingle And your very own, private cabin. We call those cabins Hubs," said the team. Each Hub has a giant, double bed, wifi, app-controlled lighting and a personal audio streaming system. Comfy, indeed.

There are fifty Hubs in our very own hall, located right next to Amsterdam's De Hallen, one of the most hot and happening places in Amsterdam. And why did they put Cityhub here, you ask? "Because we want you to go out and discover the beauty of the city as much as you can. Not just the touristy spots, but genuine Amsterdam as it is happening right here, right now."

Dec. 5, 2015 Living photo: CityHub

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