The team over at BROOKLYNESS simply loves bicycles. And they wish to inspire as many people as possible to take up cycling. With the Classon Helmet, your ride, according to the developers, will be safer.

Classon helmet will do more than 'just' protect your head. It is, afterall, a smart helmet, meaning it combines physical protection and smart digital solutions, including Bluetooth and cloud services via Wi-Fi. 

As Brooklyness describes it, it is capable of detecting cars approaching in your blind spot, and has motion activated brake and gesture-activated turn signals (gesture sensors read your natural movements and activate the turning lights), so that you are visible to others at all times - and, thus, safer.

To indicate which way you wish to turn, you only need to use your hand signal and the sensors will recognize the move, prompting them to activate your turning lights on the right or left side. Turn lights are located in the front and back of the helmet, ensuring that you are visible to others. Cameras (both at the front and in the back) scan the environment and all the gathered information is then processed by an algorithm in order to be sent to the user via visor interface. There is also an integrated accelerometer that detects when you are braking - once the system realizes you wish to stop or brake, a red light turns on at the back of the helmet and alerts people behind you.

To top it all, each ride you make is automatically recorded and you can then share small videos or GIFs with your friends and family. You also have the option to simply live stream your ride.

The Classon smart helmet will do its magic for 2.5 hours on a single charge.  

The team behind Classon is no stranger to crowdfunding campaigns - in fact, you remember the team from last year's sucessfully funded CMYK folding electric bike. On July 21, the Classon helmet campaign was also funded, raising $152,396 USD total funds (497% of the company's initial goal!).

July 27, 2016 Living photo: Brooklyness

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