S.T.EYE Condom will change color and glow in the dark when it comes into contact with an STI such as chlamydia, syphilis or genital warts.

Students aged between 13 and 14 created a color-coded condom called S.T.EYE (and won the TeenTech Award in the future of health category!) with special layers of molecules in it that enable it to detect bacteria and viruses associated with the most common sexually transmitted infections we know today. So, when you're about to do some serious hanky panky, S.T.EYE will be your guide. But pay attention - if it gives you the green light, this time it does not mean 'go'!

Depending on what type of virus or bacteria the condom comes in contact with, the reactants in it will make it glow green when detecting chlamydia, yellow will shine bright for herpes, purple will tell you you might catch HPV from your partner, and blue will signal syphilis. If the condom doesn't glow, you may not rest and you can safely proceed with your bedroom rodeo.

The main point of these condoms, of course, is to protect people from infections, but they are also here to make life easier, safer and fun. Both men and women often find it rather embarrassing to go to the clinic and take tests - mostly because they fear the outcome. This way they will be able to keep their privacy and test themselves whenever they like.

At the moment, the S.T.EYE Condom is still just an idea not going into mass production any time soon, so until it does - stay safe any way you can.

June 30, 2015 Living photo: Youtube

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