Sit! Lie down! Stand by! Your dog has learned all by now, right? In that case, the time has come for you to be surprised by a light unit with a character of a - dog!


Designers from Budapest joined their passion for design with their love of dogs. The result is a very special table light (lamp) Luminose. Shaped to look like a dog, hand crafted from solid oak, birch or beech wood, it brings luminosity and warmth into your home.

Apart from its unique design, it is also environmentally friendly as it uses as much as 85% less energy compared to traditional table lights, obeys all your commands and adapts to any position or location you may want it in. As the product is a true Limited Edition affair with only 99 pieces to be made, you will most certainly be a very proud owner of this, very special four-legged creature.

The dog light costs 149 € and you can create your own model. Bear in mind that, except for its power of illumination that might deter possible intruders, this kind of a dog cannot protect your home or property.

May 18, 2017 Living photo: Luminose

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