Ever since you were a child, you've always dreamed of climbing up that tree house, haven't you? Well, if you have the trees ready, TreesandPeople has the tree house!


Bruno de Grunne and Nicolas d'Ursel fromTrees and People redefined the term 'tree house'. Their little piece of private heaven is actually a floating octagonal wooden platform, which is suspended between two trees, utilizing Trees and People's No Trace arboreal fixing system. The platform is covered with a UV-resistant double canvas tent, which is made of durable thermo-welded tarpaulin and placed over a galvanized steel structure. Underneath you can arrange whatever has the idiology to make it your perfect hideaway - your one-of-a-kind reading nook, a bedroom under the green leaves, or simply a place of relaxation and tranquility.

The floating room only requires 2 strong trees to keep it stabile. According to the designer team, Dom'Up takes 2 days to install, it's easy to set up or remove, and you need no to crane to lift it. Teh structure leaves no impact on the surrounding environment, it doesn't hurt the trees in any way and is made of durable, weather-resistant (even strong winds) materials that will make the structure last for up to ten years.

The treetop room has enough space, measuring 16 square meters. If you garden is large enough (and you have a couple of oaks to spare), enjoy a romantic evening at home. Oh, we probably forgot to mention - you also need 28,000 USD to buy the Dom'Up. 

July 20, 2015 Living photo: Dom's Up

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