It only requires a very small amount of water comapared to a traditional washing machine. If you want to do your laundry in a sustainable way, Drumi is your answer! 


On top of using very little water, it also needs no electricity - just your foot! Drumi, the foot-powered laundry machine, was created by Yirego, a product design company that roots for sustainable solution through unconventional design. 

The laundry can be loaded from the front for greater convenience. It won't be able to carry a 7-kilogram-load, as it's not meant to completely replace your traditional washing machine, but it will wash everything you expect to wear the following day and you can use it anywhere you like - even somewhere outside while you're camping with a tent. You just need to add water and detergent, fasten the lid and start pumping with your foot.

It will take you 10 liters of water to wash a little over 2 kilograms of clothes by pumping for five to ten minutes per load - perhaps your foot will feel a bit tired afterwards. It is quite small, so you can easily store it anywhere, also in your car. 

If you wish to make the entire laundry experience as sustainable and nature-friendly as it gets, dry your clothes out in the sun - don't use the electric dryer.

You can pre-order today for an early 2017 delivery.

Aug. 2, 2016 Living photo: Yirego via Facebook

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