Dutch politicians proposed a ban on all gasoline- and diesel-powered cars, starting 2025.

PvdA, Holland's labor party, made a motion to make all gasoline- and diesel-powered cars illegal by 2025. With their proposal they wish to speed up the process of shifting from polluting to environmentally friendly cars in their country. Moreover, they are also strongly supporting the idea that heavy investments in autonomous vehicles should be made, hoping to solve the troubling traffic jam issue.

The proposal was rather strict initially, banning all vehicles that aren't emissions-free, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars - meaning that all new cars will be either 100 percent electricity- or  hydrogen-powered.

Even though working towards an eco-friendly, green future is a global aim, the Dutch proposal wasn't warmly greeted everywhere - it basically meant that the classic internal combustion engine would be prohibited for all time. Some (of many) critics stated that such a goal is unrealistic, claiming a huge shift like this could not be completed in such a short time.

Now, Dutch politicians voted through a proposal that would still allow existing internal combustion engine cars to remain on the roads, but would not encourage (or rather would prohibit) new ones to be sold. 

April 19, 2016 Living photo: Wikimedia

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