When you meet a foreigner and you would love to converse, but you can't understand eachother due to the language barrier, what can you do? It's simple. Use the Pilot.


Pilot by Waverly Labs, a New York-based technology firm, brings together wearable technology and machine translation. Developers say this is world's first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages. 

So far, the company provided a couple of videos and not plenty of useful information, as they are still working on the project, hoping to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon. 

The earpiece works together with another earpiece via an app on your smart phone. The additional earpiece is intended for wireless streaming music and an accompanying app, which toggles between languages. From what we can tell looking at the promotional video below, the current model 'whispers' translations into a user's ear with a slight delay, but the team is most likely to keep on improving their technology.

If you wish to preorder a set, the starting price for the Pilot earpiece is currently set at $299, but that may not be the final price. 

May 20, 2016 Living photo: Waverly Labs

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