Meet the folding electric scooter, the winner of "British Invention of The Year 2016"! 


The folding electric scooter eFOLDi presents itself as a solution to people who are sick of getting stuck in traffic, tired of looking for a parking space and looking for ultimate mobility. What the developer thought was missing on the market, was "a durable electric scooter that could be packed away after use."

eFoldi is a product from Suntech UK, lead by Sumi Wang, who says that the little, very practical urban transporter is actually the brainchild of her father Jianmin Wang who broke his leg and searched for alternative ways of getting around town. 

The light eFOLDi (it weighs 19kg) can be used as a seat or scooter. It is capable of carrying an average-sized adult over 20km on a single charge and can be folded into a piece of average sized luggage.

The eFOLDi can be programmed with three different top speeds for different needs: 4mph if it is being used as an off road mobility aid, 8mph for mobility use on the road and 12.5mph for recreational use by normal road users.

The wide range of functions can appeal to commuters, those with limited mobility, festivalgoers and outdoor enthusiasts.

To help fund the mass production of the eFOLDi, show your support at Kickstarter. The company aims to reach their funding goal of £90,000 by May 8 2016.

April 23, 2016 Living photo: eFoldi

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