All it takes is go-e ONwheel and you're all set to e-go!


The market is getting richer and richer with electric bikes, but those of us who have perfectly functional 'normal' bikes, this is no reason to go happy-jumping on the trampoline just yet. Why spend money on a new electric bike, when the one at home is doing just fine? Good point, so we thought about it and found something worthy of your attention. With go-e ONwheel, a lightweight and powerful plug&play add on motor, your ordinary bike will become electric within seconds!

ONwheel is mounted where the two chainstays meet the bottom bracket and it takes you only about 5 minutes to mount it. It's a small, light (the motor only weighs 850 grams) and quite powerful device (800W), easily controlled by Bluetooth using a smartphone app or with a hard-wired handlebar control unit. The motor is waterproof and easy to remove. The most important bit concerning ONwheel is the fact that you can decide, when you want it to help you pedal and when you would rather do it yourself. The device has a built-in sensor that can detect the moment your bike starts to move. When it moves, ONwheel gives the bike additional thrust. But only, of course, if you wish so.

Default settings leave the bike with 250W, reaching speeds of up to 25 kmh. If you increase power to 800W, you should be able to hit the streets going 45 kmh. With moderate riding you are good for about 60 km on one charge (which requires about 4 to 5 hours charging time).

You must now be wondering about the price? It's 599 dollars

Aug. 27, 2015 Living photo: go-e ONwheel

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