The European Robotics Week 2015 (ERW2015) has again broken all records and counted around 750 events in 31 countries.

The pan-European events celebrate Europe as a leader in Robotics technology development, and have allowed citizens to explore the impact on the way we work, live, and learn both now and in the future. This year's event was attended by 30,000 people, and in just five years it has attracted over 200,000 participants of all ages, continually inspiring students to pursue careers in robotics and other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-related fields.

"The European Robotics Week is an opportunity for all regions, both genders, and all age-groups to radiate excitement about robots. ERW extends also into entrepreneurship and start-ups, by emphasizing creativity and advocates for increased funding for robotics technology research and development. The European Society needs to be involved in the process of inventions and turning to robots; this is a political necessity", explained Uwe Haass, Acting Secretary General of euRobotics, the main organiser of ERW2015.

A full list of activities can be found here.

Dec. 3, 2015 Living photo: PALrobotics

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