Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades already debuted in various shapes, materials and styles. This time they are bringing nature closer to the tip of your nose. 

So, the sun is out and your eyes are in desperate need of something protective, yet contemporary, trendy and fresh. Look no further, here are the newly remastered Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. Favourite eyewear of many rockstars since the '50s is now for the first time available in wood.

The retro-looking frame can be bought in three variants of wood - walnut, maple, and cherry - combined with differently colored rubber insides. You can also pair your frames with various shades of high quality solid color lenses (green, polarized green, grey or brown), providing great clarity of vision, comfort and protection.

According to the manufacturer, the wooden frames are treated and then lined for maximum comfort, ensuring the glasses are flexible and durable. You can decide between sun and optical versions of the glasses, so you can either use them to protect your eyes from the sun or/and to stare almost unnoticed at voluptuous beauties crossing your way.

Price? Ranging between 270 and 310 EUR. 

July 13, 2015 Living photo: Ray Ban

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