Because someone thought it might be cool, you'll soon be able to set a short, looping video clip as your Facebook profile picture. 


Basically, you'll be able to upload a 7-second looping video of you and set it as your profile photo. Doesn't that actually make it a 'profile gif', technically speaking?

But there are other changes to 'look forward' to as well. Firstly, you'll be now able to opt for a temporary profile pic, meaning you'll be able to set a timer and after a certain amount of time, your temporary pic will switch back to your original one. Very handy.

Furthermore, you will have the option to pin Featured Photos to the top of your profile, while your profile photo will now be placed in the center. Photos and friends categories will have bigger sections now, and the controls for About information will be made more visible. In the new Bio field you will be able to write something about yourself, using 100 characters max.

Facebook wishes you to be more expressive and hopes to win you back by giving you loads of opportunities to personalize and better control your online identity.

We expect Facebook users to get immensely creative!

Oct. 1, 2015 Living photo: Facebook

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