Because blindness and visual impairment shouldn't prevent anyone from enjoying the benefits of the networked digital age - South Korean startup Dot is presenting Dot watch, the the world's first Braille smartwatch.


Dot Watch, winning the Gold Cannes Lions 2016 Innovation Award, is powered by the company's own patented technology, the Dot Rotor.  According to creators, this is the first time braille was put into motion and integrated into an electronic device. Usually, devices created for the blind and visually impared relied on voice controls.

How does this particular watch work? You just touch the display and feel the tiny Dots come up and prod at your fingertips. Dot explains: "One Dot followed by two Dots on the hour module? That means that it's now 12 o'clock. Checking for time is that simple."

Dot Watch comes with lightweight anodized aluminum case (weighs only 27g) and is powered by Li-polymer 400mAh Battery, which lasts to up to seven days. It has 4 Dot Cells (24 Dots) and uses Bluetooth LE 4.2 or Wireless MCU Platform to connect to a smartphone and run apps such as Google Maps and Messenger. When you order it, your package also includes a leather band (comes in three sizes and five colours) and a magnetic charger. 

Trying to produce the products that can be "the life's best friend of any blind or visually impaired person", the company offer three products in total - the Dot Mini - a braille reader for Braille education, the Dot Watch for greater freedom, and the Dot Pad that looks like Kindle for getting access to even greater knowledge and information.

Dot Watch retails at $290 and is expected to ship later in 2017. Dot Mini will be sold for $200 and Dot Pad will probably become available in 2018 with the price tag yet unconfirmed.

All Dot products can be pre-ordered online here.

March 2, 2017 Living photo: Dot Inc.

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