You shall not get lost in the City of Angels ever again! Just keep your mobile phone with you at all times and some 'pocket juice' to keep it going.


The app was created by the City of L. A. in partnership with Xerox. Initially, the app was clearly developed for the tourists, but it is a welcome feature on any local resident's mobile phone as well, since it integrates all the available travel options in the city based on ''aggregated data sources and interfaces from various existing as well as emerging public and private transport providers.''

What makes Go LA different (and better!) from the gazillion of other similar apps, is the fact that it comes with so many additional features. You can choose whatever you like best – walking, cycling, riding a motorbike, car-sharing, riding a bus, ride hailing (Lyft)... and the app will prepare a detailed guide to get you to your destination, include directions to nearest public parking and calculate travel time.

There's something else you can also choose based on your personal preferences – to travel Sooner (if you want to get somewhere fast), Cheaper (if you're on a tight budget), or Greener (if you are eco-conscious).

The City will collect user data, which is said to be ''completely anonymous'' and will include information on frequent destinations, most used modes of transportation and peak travel times. Users that are not comfortable with sharing this kind of data will be able to opt out from sending anonymous information to the City.

Upgrades are already planned, such as including dynamic ridesharing function later this year.

The app is available for iOS as well as Android and can be downloaded from the Go LA website via App Store or Google Play.

Feb. 7, 2016 Living photo: Go LA/Xerox

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