If you think Bali is a perfect vacation spot, have a look at a perfect, wooden house for your stay there.


Designed by D-Associates, the DRA House was inspired by Bali's own indigenous tropical architecture. It seems the house - with enough space for an extended family to live in very comofortably - seamlessly blends with its surroundings.

The family can enjoy spending time in a wooden villa with two stories, the upper and the lower level, which looks like an open area, despite it actually belonging to the interior of the house. A beautiful landscaped garden, including a smaller pool, offers space and time for relaxation.

The villa with a lot of natural light comes with four spacious bedrooms, each of them with their own bathroom. On the lower level, there are the living room and the kitchen along with the dining area, which can be accessed from the south as well as from the northern side of the building. The upper level, which can be accessed using a massive wooden staircase, is supported by concrete pillars and surrounded by greenery, connecting the house directly with the tropical environment.

Nov. 17, 2016 Living photo: D-Associates Via Archdaily

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