Last Friday, UK National Grid Media wrote on Twitter: "It looks likely today will be the first working day in Britain without coal power since the industrial revolution!"


And so it was. A milestone reached, as Britain depended solely on renewable energy, gas and nulcears for the first continuous 24-hour coal-free period since the world's first coal-fired power station, generating electricity for public use, began running on 12 January 1882 in London at Holborn Viaduct power station. 

This Friday attempt wasn't the frist one, though. Before then, the longest continuous off-coal period had been 19 hours, first achieved last May.

The British Government already announced that UK will stop using coal by 2025, when Britain's last coal power station will be forced to close as part of nationwide efforts for a cleaner and healthier environment with as little (or zero) carbon emissions as possible. 

April 24, 2017 Living photo: Profimedia

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