BMW has, together with the eco-conscious design duo Felder Felder, prepared an eye-catching performance for London Fashion Week. The Felder sisters decorated a fleet of electric BMW i3s with sassy, colorful "Florida Flamingo" prints.


The center of this year's Fashion Week in London relocated to the heart of Soho for the first time, with individual shows scattered throughout the city. Due to this new arrangement, getting around in a busy city efficiently will be more important than ever before. The Felder twins, Daniela and Annette, will be using the BMW i3 vehicles to drive their guests from party to show and help them getting to their destinations in time.

The sisters usually cruise the city by bike, but they are thrilled about the idea of traveling with noticable cars, yet leaving no additional carbon foot print. They commented: "We are excited about the venue change, it keep things fresh and these cool electric cars can navigate around central London with ease. We're so pleased we are able to connect VIPs to our show in an eco-friendly and stylish way. They will be able to enjoy a moment of peace in the craziness that is Fashion Week."

The newly decorated cars have prints with a tropical feel, inspired by exotic wildlife, which is also their main theme for the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2016 fashion season. Daniela and Annette Felder also stated: "As we spend a lot of time in Miami, we are naturally influenced by the way of life there. Miami has one of the biggest flocks of wild flamingos in the world. We wanted to bring some Miami sunshine to rainy London!"

Sept. 21, 2015 Living photo: BMW

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