More than a surfing board.

Revolutionizing the way people surfboard, Kai Concepts team and Don Montague are now introducing the Jetfoiler. 

Using a quiet, eco-friendly electric motor and hydrofoil technology, the very light, yet strong Jetfoiler with minimal drag was created from "the same quality composites used in high-end race boats," as explained by the team. After experimenting with hydrofoil for about then years, they first introduced the Airfoiler, from which Jetfoiler was later developed. 

Powered by electric energy, it requires no wind or waves to ride it, only your good balance. The obviously most exciting thing about it is the fact that it actually lets you glide above the surface of the water, not on it. Yes, it does remind us a little of Aladdin's flying carpet! Jetfoiler, albeit looking like magic on the water, is controlled by means of a remote control that's connected with the board and kept in your hand at all times. It lets you adjust speed as well as direction - once you reach a certain speed, you can even opt for cruise control!

It is suitable for riders of different ages, so the entire family can go on a Jetfoiler trip! 

April 24, 2017 Living photo: Jetfoiler/Kai Concepts

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