A time around New Year can be very painful for dogs, which are very sensitive to loud noises, created by fireworks. Ford answered to the problem with a special noise canceling kennel, that uses similar noise cancelling technology to that found in cars and headphones.

The kennel is equipped with microphones, which detect the sound of the fireworks and make the built-in audio system to emit opposing sound frequency which can reduce a noise from fireworks substantially or even cancel it completely.The integral part of the design is also a high-density cork, which serves as voice insulator.

The idea for kennel came from the noise cancelling technology, which was developed for the new Ford Edge, where it assures  quieter journeys for the driver and passengers. There, microphones pick up high noise levels from the engine or transmission and counteract them with opposing sound waves from the audio system.

The noise canceling kennel is just in the development phase for now, as a part of a Ford initiative to apply automotive know how to solve everyday problems.

Dec. 22, 2018 Living photo: Ford

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