The Solar Powered Electronic Charging Kiosk - better known as S. P. E. C. K. - is a fully self-sufficient, fully equipped, solar powered mobile vehicle, originally designed for music festival vending. But that's not all.

The 36-square-meter reinfroced trailer SPECK was custom-built from the ground up in 2014. The owner says you can "use it to vend at, go to or create your own events, food service, parties, retail and many more creative things you can do with a portable power station", baring in mind that it's completely self-sufficient and requires no additional power source.

A tiny solar powered house on wheels has a motor powered retractable back and front sturdy porches that can also dub as a performer's stage or even a deck with some comfy chairs. So, depending on your preferences, you can either do some off the grid business and use SPECK as a mobile concession trailer or buy it to simply enjoy sustainable lifestyle living in a tiny mobile home.

The framework was constructed from two-inch steel tubing, treated 2x4s, and skinned and treated t1-11, topped with aromatic red cedar. Solar energy is gathered with the help of 4 solar panels, providing over 1 kW of power stored in 24 6-volt Deep Cycle Duracell batteries. SPECK has 2 rooms; one can be used as storage or sleeping area, and the other one was originally planned to represent a concession vending area room. There are plenty of electronic outlets at your disposal, located both inside and outside of the vehicle. According to the owner, a strong one-ton truck can easily and safely pull the kiosk, which stands on five 16-ply tires and a customized central I-beam with 15,000 pounds of carry capacity.

At the momemnt, SPECK is still parked in in Norcross, Gerogia, and the owner is selling it for 17,000 dollars on Tiny House Listings. If you like it, hurry up - it's a pretty good deal!

Aug. 5, 2015 Living photo: Tiny House Listings

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