Doing some good & looking real good at the same time.


The ultra stylish accessory dubbed the Ziggie Bag was dveloped by a team of enthusiastic cyclists from Slovenia, who know exactly what are the things that would make ordinary bike bags better and an absolute joy to use.

Ziggie Bag was created to keep your valuables safe (like your wallet or house keys), light your way and even recharge your phone using the integrated battery pack, which also powers the front mounted LED.The phone can be securely held by two rubber straps.

You can attach the Ziggie bag to your bike using two velcro strips, but if you wish to use it even when you're not cycling, there's a shoulder strap available as well. 

Being pretty and practical, however, is not everything this amazing bike bag has to offer. Using the Ziggie Bag also means that you care about your environment and support global efforts to preserve it - the bag is made out of discarded inner bicycle tubes, so you are making an environmentally conscious choice by being a contemporary cyclist who opted for a recycled accessory. 

Hoping to attract like-minded people, who believe you can do so many wonderful eco-friendly things out of, basically, scrap material, the creative team behind the Ziggie Bag wishes to introduce their idea on Kickstarter as soon as possible. Look for them there sometime next month.

Feb. 20, 2016 Living photo: Ziggie Bag

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