Called 'Reflecting HOLONS', these are all but fragile and ready to burst. 

From Dutch designers Martens & Visser comes a stunning, bubbly creation. As explained by the team, Jetske Visser and Michiel Martens, the end result wasn't exactly planned, but "stumbled upon by experimenting with reflecting materials HOLONS".

They combined long strips of oil like transparant foil attached to an axis, which is powered by simple rotating elektromotors. As they spin, the magical structures change shape and reveal rainbow colours, reflecting the lights around them as if they where large, mesmerizing soap bubbles. A thing of beauty!

The bubbly project also appeared at the the 2015 edition of Glow Next, supported by Artspace MU in Eindhoven. 

March 31, 2017 Living photo: Martens & Visser/Screenshot via Vimeo

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