A little update on the Karma drone!

We only know it's being released sometime in 2016, since there are still no details and no pictures available of the GoPro's new 4K drone, the Karma. Earlier this month, GoPro teased us a little by posting a 4K sample footage, supposedly showing the secretive drone in action.

The company gave Bobby Brown, an American slopestyle freeskier, and friends a chance to test out Karma at Aspen Snowmass, performing visually stunning choreographed ski jumps. During the footage (at 0:30), you can see Bobby Brown moving and looking as if he was holding a GoPro. Later, he lets it go and surprise, surprise, the camera flies away. Of course, Brown was holding a drone.

You can check the video below.

March 1, 2016 Living photo: GoPro/YouTube Screenshot

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