Tom Hanks is a huge fan of old-school typewriters. So are we. Are you? 

Mr Hanks just loves them. It's a fact. He even owns a fantastic collection of typewriters. Now his passion for typewriting has been put into a brand new typewriter simulation app for the iPad (well, exclusively for Apple anyway), so we can enjoy typing as well - with all the wonderful old-fashioned pounding sounds that come with it.

The app lets you choose among various typewriters that are inspired by Tom's personal collection; on top of that, custom typewriter fonts are also available exclusively in the Hanx Writer. While typing on your iPad keyboard, you will hear authentic typewriter sounds, depending on the chosen typewriting machine. If you're really into it, you'll be happy to know that the app also features animated carriage return, key press, and type hammers!

Of course, it wouldn't be a modern app for the modern man, if simulated old-school typing didn't come with the standard perks of the digital age - whatever you type, you can also print and share, among other things. If you add the Hanx Keyboard Extension to your collection, you can also take it with you into other apps like Notes, Mail, and Messages!

"I write without caring about typeovers, XXXX'd out words, goofy syntax, & bad spelling because the feel & sound of a typewriter is satisfying in ways that couldn't be matched. — Until now!" said actor Tom Hanks.

To get your app, click here to enter Hanx Writer online shop.

May 20, 2017 Living photo: Hanx Writer

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