A change in legislature, which prohibits importing exotic wild animals "for exhibition or performance", has been given unanimous support by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture board.

In circuses you can see wild animals jumping through rings of fire, elephants standing on their heads, or primates riding bicycles... It may look like fun, but these animals never decided to perform. They do it not because they are later awarded with a cookie or a fish, they do it because they know they will most likely be severly punished if they don't. Their trainers use whips, collars that are too tight, bullhooks, and electric shock prods, among other things.

Wildlife can't be tamed, nor it should be tamed and put in a cage in the first place. And there is only so much that an animal can endure. Known to go on a rampage, injuring and killing people along the way, are the broken spirited elephants that snap after years of abuse.

The frightful abuse and mistreatment of animals has caused a growing number of communities all over the world to ban or restrict the use of animals in circuses. But the abuse doesn't happen only in circuses - worrying examples are also terrifying bullfights, dogfights and cockfights, among many others.

Hoping to set an example for other states to follow, Hawaii is to become the first American state to legally prohibit the use of bears, elephants, lions, tigers, primates, crocodiles and other exotic wild animals for entertainment purposes. If the proposal goes through, the new rules will go into effect in 2016. However, it will still be possible to see these animals 'perform' in movies or ads as well as government-ruled ZOOs.

Remember. Elephants never forget. 

Dec. 4, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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