One look at the picture gallery and you'll understand Y. It's simply amazing.


You may have heard of the MVRDV architects before or read about their all but ordinary projects, such as the Flower building, but the Y House is definitiely one that raises interest perhaps more than any other before. 

MVRDV collaborated with the KAI Architects to design a villa that would offer optimum volume for the house and, as explained by the architetcs, "raise the living spaces to give residents prime views over the surrounding landscape, rather than their next-door neighbour's fence."

They focused more on the spaces of the house where people spend more time together, such as the living and the dining room, placing them right in the top of the volume. The upper part of the building, surrounded by small gardens and stepping-stone pathways, is Y-shaped, as the name of the project already suggests, and seems to perfectly cradle a wonderful rooftop swimming pool. Below the pool there are bedrooms and children's rooms, resting on top of a tea room, which is intended for entertaining family, friends and other guests. All the spaces in the house are easily accesible via stairs or a private lift. The spacious villa strecthes over 330 m2 and is located in Northeast Tainan.

Dec. 7, 2016 Living photo: MVRDV

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