Simple: you need to put a very special shield around it.


Everyone must still have a traditional, alkaline battery powered clock, toy or a TV remote control handset. Sometimes, when batteries lacked power to make one device work, we moved them into another where they still worked, for pressing a key on a remote controller required much less power and current. Using a Batteriser, we can, according to its creators, extend the life of a battery by up to eight times. Put your battery into a housing made out of stainless steel with proprietary electronics and put the shielded battery back into the device. The trick is in preserving the rated voltage of the battery (1.5V for example) over a long period of time.

According to the designers, most devices consider batteries to be empty after only 20% of their full charge has been exhausted (example: 1.5V battery drops to 1.3V). In reality, they still have quite a bit of power. Batteriser raises the voltage back to full charge (1.5V) helping batteries towards a better and more realistic discharge.

Main advantage of this product is that it can be transferred from one battery to another and, also, in it's minimal thickness - just 1mm. Thus the battery barely increases in size once "dressed" and still fits into most devices without any difficulties.

June 5, 2015 Living photo: Batteriser

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