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HUB, by ekko Audio, is pleased to announce that its $100,000 Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded – just days after launching.

Ekko audio has created a new wireless hub that has been specifically designed for headphones and provides a way to share hi-fi audio to multiple users in real-time, providing an unrivalled wireless listening experience we've all been waiting for.

A revolutionary approach to group listening, HUB uses ultra-low latency Wi-Fi technology to stream real-time audio to multiple listeners. Do you like to pump up the volume? Or do you prefer a somewhat softer sound? With HUB's high-resolution 96kHz /24-bit audio quality and individual user equalizer settings, listeners can personalize their own listening experience.

HUB debuted on Kickstarter on March 23rd and quickly attracted the attention and support of backers eager to sign up for early adopter deals. While some early bird reward tiers have already sold out, a number of deals remain at up to $70 off HUB's expected retail price.

April 5, 2016 Living photo: HUB

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