Daydreaming about a turquoise blue lagoon surrounded by coral reefs? Sunbed, beer cocktail in your hand, what else would do, it is not what we know you are thinking about. We are talking pizza here!


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on Fiji Island, there is a floating gourmet pizzeria called Cloud9. It is not just a savoury oasis, but also a centre for water sports. Not on full stomach, of course! Go for a swim while waiting for your slice of the heavenly pizza to arrive from a, believe it or not, real pizza oven. Vegetarians and gluten-free believers will also be well taken care of.

Every weekend, this location 45 minutes by boat away from Port Denarau, transforms into an unforgettable party with local DJs who also make sure you are never hungry. Forget peace and quiet relaxation. And, you do need to book in advance. If you are well padded (financially, that is) you can hire the complete resort for your wedding bash. Or, at least a stag do.


June 4, 2015 Living photo: Cloud9

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