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Meet the world's first virtual laser projection multilingual keyboard, virtual piano, and portable charger. All in one. Always with you.

If you move around a lot and miss having a proper keyboard with you, iKeybo presents itself as a fine, modern solution, as it helps you turn any flat surface into your keyboard or piano.

If you speak (and, of course, type) in various languages, again, iKeybo will be your friend. It lets you choose from 4 different languages keyboard layouts (English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese) to type in your language whenever you need. It comes with round buttons for a better user experience and less typing errors. If you're a musician and creating music on the go is life, iKeybo comes with a very welcome built-in music APP. Use it to compose music or simply to entertain your friends and family.

The multifunctional gadget iKeybo can also be used as a portable external battery charger with 10 hours of battery life (it uses 2000mAh lithium-Ion battery), according to its creators at Serafim, and even as your cellphone stand, turning your mobile device into a computer in an instant to make live streaming or video recording as simple as it gets.

To pre-order yours, head over to Kickstarter. But hurry, only 17 days to go before the campaign ends.

Jan. 9, 2017 Living photo: Serafim

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