Create custom and modular robots capable of anything that are designed & controlled directly from your smartphone.


CellRobot is the first complete consumer robotics kit that allows you to build your very own robot. Created by a team of Ivy-league Chinese robotics engineers, CellRobot is bringing accessible robotics to everybody.

Just as the cells in our bodies work together to create an organism, CellRobot is made up of single cells that, when combined, build functioning robots. Unique in its progressive design, CellRobot gives you the opportunity to learn, explore & create. Each cell has eight joint faces which can be connected to each other through a simple twist movement. The joints will snap together for secure attachment.

Once you feel comfortable with CellRobot and have your own ideas for build, you can create through 'Custom Mode' in the app. CellRobot detects the positioning of each cell unit. Create a new design and set specific parameters for how each cell unit will move. You have the power to create complex and specific movements. Save your designs in the app to access later or share with the community. Set your movements in one of two ways: setting parameters for each cell in the app or manually twisting cells into desired positions. Anything you can conceptualize, you can build. The modular design allows one Heart unit to be connected up to 20 Cells, including Wheels, Vision & Mount.

Due to the modularity, you can create extremely unique & hyper concentrated movements. Each individual cell has a full 360 degree rotation, allowing the user to program degree of rotation, timing & order of movements. This means that no limits are set on what you can create or what your robot can do! You can find a project on Kickstarter and support it from $155.

Oct. 22, 2016 Living photo: CellRobot

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