They don't serve coffee, but you'll get the best organic tea you could possibly imagine!


You don't exactly have to follow the White Rabbit into the Wonderland to have a fantastic tea party! Opened in October 2015 by co-owners Corinne Smith and Amara Jarratt, the Rabbit Hole is a wonderful, trendy a 50-seat Organic Tea Bar, located in Redfern, Sydney. You might know Smith & Jarratt as the co-creators of the Sydney Tea Festival and founding members of the Australasian Specialty Tea Association.

A once industrial site was redesigned by Matt Woods to offer customers a relaxing, bright interior and a friendly atmosphere. The Rabbit Hole's design, including the simple, yet elegant furnishings, shows a wonderful mix of styles, just as imaginative and organic as the tea blends you can order there. Woods added the element of sustainability to his design by using VOC free paints, recycled woods, and energy efficient lighting. With natural ventilation this venue requires no air conditioning.  

Enriched with the Japanese art of Kintsugi (repairing broken ceramics with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum) and topped with a symbollic chandelier made entirely of tea bags - curtesy of Valeria Burgoa, an inspirational artist from Chile -, this is the place to bring your tea party to.

The selection of tea is, as you can imagine, anyhting you could hope for - from tea shots, tea soda, tea mocktails and original teas (with catchy-named berry bomb, summer fling or ginger snap delights) to exquisite tea lattes. On the menu of this reinvented teashop you will also find food that taste just as delicious as it sounds, like a rainbow trout, green tea & quinoa with poached egg breakfast salad with Sencha dressing, or a steampunk brewed darjeeling second flush! Sounds just too yummy.

The Rabbit Hole will make you fall in love with tea all over again.

March 12, 2016 Living photo: The Rabbit Hole via Facebook

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