Lastniki iPhonov bodo s pomočjo novih študij lahko izvedeli več o svoji genetski zasnovi.

The majority of flawed iPhones were sold during a 5-month period, from September 2014 to January earlier this year. Now, Apple is launching the iSight Camera Replacement Program.

Apple will be replacing the faulty rear-facing camera in a selected batch of iPhone 6 Plus devices. The majority of these units were sold between September 2014 and January 2015 and are said to produce blurry pictures.

If you are on of the owners of a faulty iPhone, check your device for an eligible serial number. Replacement units can be obtained through Apple retail store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider at no additional cost. Serial number can be found by clicking the phone's menu, following these steps: Settings > General > About. If you keep your phone's original packaging, you can also find the number printed on it. To see if you qualify, click on Apple's website.  

The company recommends that all affected users backup their data to iTunes or iCloud before starting the replacement process. It will save you a lot of time (and prevent you from losing your nerves over lost data).

Furthermore, Apple stated that all iPhone 6 Plus units with damaged (e. g. cracked) screens must have all their issues solved before replacing the faulty camera, because the damages may have harmful impact on the replacement process – meaning, you need to prepare yourself to spend some money.

Aug. 28, 2015 Living photo: Apple

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