Vanity - when even the sky is not the limit anymore.

Built by an Australian technology company IoT Group, ROAM-e is what you might call a flying selfie stick. It looks like a drone, it acts like a drone, flies like a drone, takes HQ pictures like a drone, records HQ videos like a drone. But it's not a drone. At least, according to Ian Duffell, executive director of the IoT Group, who claims that it "fits into a different category." One of the things making it ''not a drone, but a flying selfie stick'' is the fact it's tethered (to user's smartphone) to stay within 25 meters of the user.

What prompted the designers to take the original selfie stick concept a step further was the length of the stick. As Duffell stated for Mashable Australia, "the selfie stick's problem is it's confined by the length of the stick. The thought was, let's get the thing taking the picture flying with you."

ROAM-e has facial recognition, so it's able to follow and record only the one person that it's supposed to, using its 5-megapixel camera. It's also capable of taking 360 panorama shots and streaming live video for up to 20 minutes, while flying in the air. It has a fast-charging battery, swappable in two hours. ROAM-e comes with world's first dual-axis collapsible blades, meaning the blades can neatly fold to make it use less space in your bag.

We can understand someone might find this quite handy. Standing on top of Mount Everest, it's probably safer to have a drone - pardon, flying selfie stick - buzzing over your head than to try and catch balance with the tricky stick. 

ROAM-e is expected to start shipping internationally in June 2016, but it already went on pre-sale on Thursday. It's available for $349 to make even more and better quality self-obsessed photos.

As one could expect, ROAM-e is only one of such gadgets. You might have already heard of Lily, world's first throw-and-shoot camera? If not, check it out below. Not a drone either, remember, it's a flying camera

April 4, 2016 Living photo: IOT Group via Mashable

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