60% of the best jobs in the next ten years have not even been invented yet - according to Thomas Frey, Futurist at the DaVinci Institute.

Chef specialist in 3D-printed cuisine or drone traffic analyst. New technologies present countless opportunities and getting businesses to the next level. 

Here are ten tech-related job titles that you may not even know exist: 

1. Space pilot and tour guide
Space tourism and piloting is similar to a regular pilot's job, but with some extra training. And with that of course there come some other business opportunities like space architecture designer. 

2. 3-D printed clothing designer
Forget about the classic fashion designer. 3D-printed designs have appeared on runways ranging from Milan to New York, making a splash all across the industry.

3. Sustainability officer
Recycling has become a well-paying career. The sustainability officer oversees the company's carbon footprint, calculates estimates of the footprint left and also creates strategies on how to reduce it.  

4. Certified UAV pilot (unmanned automatic vehicles, including drones)
Covert missions, artistic photography or for purposes of research. It doesn't really matter - people who can fly them expertly, will have a plethora of jobs. 

190,000 more data analytics experts will be needed by 2018 in the U.S. alone. (McKinsey Global Institute)

5. Smart city urban planner
Cities present a sustainability conundrum: though they are the most efficient way to provide infrastructure and services for large populations, they are, in absolute terms, incredibly inefficient. And there is the part where smart city urban planners are needed. 

6. Big data analyst
Big data analytics is the process of examining large data sets containing a variety of data types. From web cookies, sales reports to machine learning. 

7. Alternative currency specialist
Forms of alternative currencies such as digital currencies, coupons, and reward points are already available. Bankers and financial analysts of the future may have to worry about more than just the value of the traditional pound, euro or a dollar. 

8. Augmented reality architect
Architects have been surprisingly slow to adopt augmented reality as a design tool but the technology presents a huge opportunity for designers interested in dabbling into new and exciting possibilities.

9. Privacy consultant
Company and employee privacy needs to be protected, online and offline. Privacy consultant will test and reduce vulnerabilities. 

10. Quantified self assessment auditor
Personal trainers, move over. Quantified self-assessment auditors will scientifically monitor employees, then suggest how improving their self will enhance company efficiency. 

It's no secret that modern tech has a huge impact on today's career landscape. Which career would you choose?

Oct. 9, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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