A pavilion within in a landscape that looks out in all directions.


Nova by SOFTlab was the winning proposal for the second annual Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition held by the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID), and Van Alen Institute.

"The annual holiday installation is now a tradition in the district that is enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. It provides a festive and magical experience on the Public Plaza during the holiday season", said Flatiron Partnership Executive Director Jennifer Brown. Nova installation opens November 18th and will be on display through the holidays as part of the Partnership's annual "23 Days of Flatiron Cheer" programming.

"Using a mix of optical materials, our design creates a human scale kaleidoscope, remixing the surrounding iconic buildings with color, light, and the reflections of pedestrians. Although our design reads as an iconic and festive figure from above, the experience at the pedestrian level is very different. The exterior gives way to a crystal-like, mirror-surfaced interior that looks different from all sides," said Michael Szivos, Founder and Principal at SOFTlab. 

Each cell is unique, exposing a crystalline interior, made of two dimensional panels that get attached together to form a three dimensional cell. Each cell acts like a stone. These cells come together to form a structurally stable dome in the center with each scope acting as an arch. A place for a cool holiday selfie, isn't it?

Nov. 29, 2015 Living photo: Softlab

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