Designer creates beautiful 3D printed flower vases to give plastic bottles a second chance.


Libero Rutilo from DesignLibero studio created a wonderful collection of design vases, bringing together upcycling and 3D printing technology. The collection includes four different designs: the "Spider vase", the "Sinuous Vase", the "Lace Vase" and the "Knitted Vase".

The vase represents an external shell and was designed for 0,5 l PET water and soft drinks bottles. It fits the common PCO bottle neck openings and comes with an inner neck fillet, which makes it possible for the vase to be screwed onto a bottle like a cap. The 3D printed structure 'embraces' the bottle and hides it away from sight.

According to the designer, he offers second chance to objects that become useless after use and are usually thrown away, creating waste - like a PET bottle. His creative process revolves around observation, innovation, functionality and environmental conscience.

If you like what you see, you can purchase the vases here.

April 20, 2016 Living photo: Claudio Morelli

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