In the US and Canada, the biggest fast-food chain in the world just committed to using cage-free eggs only.

Yesterday, McDonald's announced plans to ditch all eggs currently used in its nearly 16,000 U.S. and Canadian restaurants with eggs that are laid by hens raised outside the cages. 

McDonald's USA President Mike Andres stated: "Our customers are increasingly interested in knowing more about their food and where it comes from. Our decision to source only cage-free eggs reinforces the focus we place on food quality and our menu to meet and exceed our customers' expectations."

Well, who doesn't want to know where the food came from and whether the chickens, hens and cows were stuffed with antibiotics and/or artificial growth hormones? Plus, there's another reason to making this 'shift' - in the past couple of years, McDonald's has been dealing with competition, which is smaller, yet poses a rather serious threat to their business. Namely, small companies, like Chipotle, are promoting natural, high-quality ingredients (such as eggs, butter and milk) and getting quite successful in attracting more and more customers. 

Will this decision make you a loyal, returning McDonald's customer, or will you (still) have doubts about the quality of their food?

Sept. 10, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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