The Nokia Technologies team brings us OZO, a device that combines thier engineering capabilities and intelligent design in the hopes of bringing you the best Virtual Reality production experience so far.


Before you get too excited and start making plans, this elegant product in lava grey colour, capturing 360° spherical video and 360x360 surround sound was, as creators say, specifically designed for professional production.

OZO spherical camera with a built-in Wi-Fi comes equipped with eight lenses and 2K x 2K high resolution sensors, recording 8 channels of raw video (as well as audio) to a 500GB SSD that ensures up to 45 minutes of footage. Camera covers a 360° x 180° viewing angle and creates a 3D image at 30fps. Developers say sound is half of the virtual experience, so they installed eight mics as well to make sure you can hear what the camera hears in 360 surround sound in real time.

According to developers, they had to start simple, building the camera from inside out. In order to prevent it from being intrusive, they designed it in a way to make it 'invisible', so it can quietly observe and capture without disturbing its surroundings.

The company started accepting pre-orders on the last day of November with expected availability of the product planned in the first quarter fo 2016. Looks mighty brillant, but the creepy thing is its price. Do you have $60,000 to spend?

Dec. 4, 2015 Living photo: Nokia

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