You may think 'they are crazy' and you may be right!


Three students from France, called The Pilgreens, made a stop these days at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Ljubljana, driving their electric vehicle dubbed Tuk-Tuk. Their idea is to embark on an epic journey across Eurasia to show the world that electric power is the way to go. They believe that electric power will be, in the long run, the key answer to people's mobility. 

The Pilgreens were invited by DEVS (the electric vehicles society) to introduce the details of their trip so far. The students goal is to complete a journey from Bangkok, Thailand to Toulouse, France and prove it is indeed possible for a simple, light electric vehicle to travel over 20,000 kilometers without any hassle. 

The journey is taking the team and their electric Tuk-Tuk through 16 countries. They are supposed to complete the journey in 120 days, relying only on energy, harvested from solar cells, and on people they meet who are kind enough to allow them to plug their Tuk-Tuk in and re-charge its two batteries.

About Tuk Tuk:

  • engineered by Tuk Tuk Factory in the Netherlands
  • manufactured by Tuk Tuk Factory in Bangkok
  • equipped with a 7 kW DC engine, 72V / 450Ah LiNiMnCo (NMC) Batteries (35 kWh)
  • 3 kW charger with a standard household plug (for 14h of charging)
  • solar panel (4 times 140 W = 560W)

It can drive 350 km per charge, drive up to 70 km/h and take 400 kg of charge (or 7 people).

Nov. 19, 2015 Living photo: The Pilgreens

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