Instead of slim-legged pants - envision pants with a little extra leg room. Rather than appear clean-shaven - long, bushy, and unkempt beard. Say goodbye to metrosexuals, here comes the complete opposite, the lumbersexuals! 


One hundred years ago, a bit of a crisis in urban masculinity created the lumberjack aesthetic. Now it's making a comeback.

Beards have been growing back into fashion for a while now. From the hip streets of Brooklyn to the Hollywood red carpet. Now they're everywhere. Lumberjack is quite a fresh new term for the modern man, and what's more, an uncontroversial one. It's a term for a man who, to many observers, looks like a man "should look" and acts like a man "should act."

A lumbersexual looks like he could chop down entire forests right now, with ease, but he hasn't actually been anywhere near raw wood since his last summer camp. He is covered with tatooes and wears flannels. Plaid shirts of any colour paired with rugged jeans, boots or sneakers are just fine. He looks like his backpack should carry an axe, but it carries the latest laptop. His beard may look rugged and unkept, but behind his wilderness you'll notice he's taking great care of his looks. 

The lumbersexuals have been here for a while, but it's still a rising trend. Some guys have had this look long before it was even trendy. And let's admit it - they look hot! Even in an office suit. Because only "real men" can grow "real beards." Do you agree?

Sept. 29, 2015 Living photo: Fulvio Grisoni

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