'More Clay, Less Plastic' movement calls out to people to refuse disposable plastic and make way for a plastic-free world.


The project was founded by Lauren Moreira, a potter from Italy, when she created an open group on Facebook in 2014 with the intent of creating a network between ceramicists and the public. Ms Moreira is trying to raise awareness about the horrendous environmental effects of non-biodegradable plastic by promoting the reduction of plastic usage at cultural events, workshops and exhibitions. Why use plastic, when there are so many more ecologically-friendly, even perfectly natural, alternatives to choose from?

It is a simple thing to do and everyone can do it. If all of us rethought our everyday utensils and substitute plastic with sustainable materials, we'd find ourselves on a much brighter path to sustainable and healthy future.

If we are no stranger to handcrafting, we can create our own bowls and plates, or we can support our local artists and craftsmen, working with clay. Ceramics pose no threat to our environment, but they need to be created with with food-grade, lead-free glazes. We could also repalce plastic with glassware, wooden dinnerware, and traditional china, but they need to be lead-free.

You can join the movement's Facebook group and read about it in more detail on their website.

Jan. 20, 2017 Living photo: Profimedia

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